Take You Up
to Succeed Faster

We are here to Guide Your High Tech activities up
during critical steps of their development,
strengthening Your Innovation
with years of experience in Business Development

High Tech teams and innovations can be real differentiators
to succeed in a new business

Unfortunately, these are not enough !

For each critical step of your activity (growing, funding, motivating teams..), you will need to implement new approaches, tools and methods which are key to succeed with larger Teams and Business

No doubt You can invent them ! However… Better use Your creativity to speed-up Your innovation

  • Don’t re-invent the wheel in Business Development principles
  • Get support to succeed as fast as Your new ideas !


Guide Your High Tech activities up during critical steps of their development

Succeed integration post Merge & Acquisition

Address New Markets

Translate Idea Into Business Plan

Build the Commercial Offer


Motivate and engage teams During major changes

Grow International and Multi-sites teams

Structure the Fast growing team

Choose and Attract Your future Investors


Focused missions to Guide Management Teams during critical steps of business development

Executive Coaching

  • Individual coaching
  • For CEO and MT members
  • Developing competencies
  • Sharing experience, Models and tools
  • Given period of time with clear pre-defined targets

Business Consulting

  • Temporary missions to advise the Board
  • Analyzing and Proposing Business options
    (Market, Vision, Strategy, Roadmaps, M&A…)
  • Analyzing team needs, proposing methods
    and organizing events to develop teamwork,
    engagement and motivation

Why TekUup ?

Access experience when needed
Optimize costs and keep control

You want

  • To profit by long business experience and speed-up Your fast growing High Tech activity
  • To avoid re-inventing the wheel in Business Management

You don’t want

  • To hire expensive experienced managers
  • To engage with large consulting companies
  • To start a never ending consulting period

We have

  • Experience in building Market Leaders and growing High Tech Business
  • Models and examples of Business Tools you can tune to Your specific activities

We offer

  • Experience you can access when needed
  • A small structure fully focused on Your activity during the mission
  • Focused timely missions during critical steps only


Experience in building Market Leaders
and Growing High Tech Business



  • World Wide B2B Business Development & Management
  • Activity transformation from declining in old dying market to leading in new growing business
  • Defining Long Term Vision and leading execution up to delivery of targeted growth and profits
  • Focusing product portfolio and customers strategy
  • Team optimization, acquiring competencies, building motivation and leading innovation towards success
  • Development and commercialization of innovative technologies, from first demonstrators to market
  • leadership

Industry expertise

  • Cellular, Mobile phones & Networks
  • Consumer TV, STB, Cable Modem…
  • Electronics, Semiconductors, Robotics…
  • Hardware, Real Time Software…



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